When you visit a dog grooming parlor for the first time, see the credentials and certifications of the grooming service provider that you want to hire. If these are not available, ask the manager about their experience and trainings, in particular, the grooming service provider who will be brushing, cutting and washing your dog. Then, you must also check out the grooming parlor from every angle in order to make sure that it is clean, orderly, free of odors and neat – a place where you could feel good leaving your dog. If you like to take it a bit further, you can wear white socks or shoes and when there are fleas around, you will see them immediately jump around your feet.

At that moment, you should decide if you stay and have the grooming on that spa or head to the exit. It is your obligation and right as a responsible and loving owner and master of your pet to ask if the company needs the dogs to be vaccinated on time and up-to-date, including shots for kennel cough and rabies. You should also ask about how the company handles aggressive and fearful dogs or any other behavioral problems. Aside from that, you may also inquire the company manager if the dog will be hand clean and dried.

When dogs are cage dried, that could be harmful for a lot of reasons. Most grooming service providers prefer that the owners leave their pets at the spa in their good hands instead of staying and watching them, that can make the pet even more anxious and restless if they see their owners in close distance. The grooming process basically includes a bath, brushing, styling as well as haircut. Some grooming staff pluck ear hair or anal glands, in some instances, unless they’re impacted. In this situation, this must be left only on the hands of a professional and certified veterinarian.

While some pets, particularly dogs, do not want being groomed or brushed, more sensitive and will never be glad with any staff, however, other pets will not mind at all or may actually enjoy every moment, that depends on the behavior of the pet. The predisposition of your dog will be very obvious. As a matter of fact, you will have to drag your pet with all your strength into the grooming parlor, or they will run quickly to the exit with uncontrolled excitement or worse, fear. For pets that enjoy grooming, it can actually be a social experience which gives a lot of affection and attention.

How to Select a Good Dog Grooming Service Provider

If the prospect of handling your pet in a grooming parlor causes you to worry thinking about it, then it is time to look for a good Chilliwack pet grooming service in your area. This is actually as essential as finding the best hairstylist. While you want your dog to smell and look their best, the most important of all is their happiness and safety.